Wet Underfloor Heating System for 2 Rooms / 2 Port DIY Water Under Floor Kit


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Under Floor Heating offers a heating alternative to traditional radiators and because the heat emitted from an underfloor system is more evenly distributed than a single radiator, the system can use water at a lower temperature and as such is a more efficient way of heating your home.

Underfloor water heating works by connecting pipes laid under the floor to a manifold (essentially a central system to connect pipes together) and then to your heating system. It will also be fitted to a thermostat so that you can regulate the temperature.

Standard System Part List

“A” Rated Pump 1″ Blending Valve + Connectors Manifold Pipe Conduit Pipe Edge Insulation Pipe Clips
1 1 2 Port 200m 2m 50m 400