Wet Single Room Underfloor Heating Kit 1 Port Danfoss System


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Underfloor Heating offers a heating alternative to traditional radiators and because the heat emitted from an underfloor system is more evenly distributed than a single radiator, the system can use water at a lower temperature and as such is a more efficient way of heating your home.

This single zone kit is perfect for small rooms (bathrooms, conservatories, kitchens, bedrooms). It is designed to link up directly with the radiator circuit and as such requires no additional wiring.  Provides temperature control of under-floor heating circuits, using a return temperature limiting valve fitted with a type FJVR sensor element.
5m of pipe per sq meter of floor is usually suitable for a new well insulated house (up to twice as much in an old poorly insulated house).
All components required for installation are included in the pack.

Standard System Part List

Danfoss FJVR Thermostatic Sensor Danfoss FHV-R Regulating Valve Pipe Conduit Pipe Edge Insulation Pipe Clips 3/4″ – Eurocone Connector 15mm – 16mm Adapter Reducer
1 1 100m 5m 20m 200 2 2


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