SuperFOIL SFBB Reflective Breathable Membrane for Walls and Roofs 25m x 1.5m


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SFBB – High tech breather membrane

SuperFOIL SFBB is the UK’s best value reflective watertight reflective breather membrane.

In situ energy assessment indicates that foil breathers have benefits over traditional (non reflective) versions. SuperFOIL SFBB provides a barrier to the movement of air whilst allowing moisture to escape for the building reducing the risk of condensation. The control of air leakage is essential to the further improvement of energy efficiency.

SuperFOIL SFBB is also CE certified for its performance as a water barrier. It is easy to handle, install, cut, and seal and has a life expectancy in excess of 50 years.

  • SFBB is a watertight (W1 – EN 1928:2000) breather membrane for use in roofs and walls.
  • SFBB is vapour permeable and allows the passage of warm, moist air to reduce condensation.
  • Installing SFBB improves the airtightness of the building.
  • SFBB is a radiant barrier. It can be used to enhance thermal performance U-values in both new build and renovation projects.
  • SFBB has a reflective thermal advantage over standard breather membranes.
  • SFBB is easy to handle and install
  • SFBB can be used to help meet the requirements of Approved Document Part L and Scotland Part J.