SuperFOIL MET Poly Foil Tape Roll – 100mm x 20m – High Performance Reflective Aluminium Foil Tape | Perfect for use with Multifoil Insulation -Fast and Easy Installation – Superior adhesive tape


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Product Description 


  • High-performance, flexible, reflective foil tape perfect for use with SuperFOIL Multifoil Insulation sheets.
  • Super adhesive backing to reduce the passage of air and improve the efficiency of insulation.
  • Easy to install: Apply straight from the roll for easy application.
  •  SuperFOIL assurance of quality. Compliant with UK and EU standards.


SuperFOIL products offer high-performance, multi-purpose insulation for efficient insulation to retain heat and save on energy bills. For use in a variety of home and DIY applications ranging from roofs, walls and floors to caravans, kennels and sheds. SuperFOIL MET Poly Aluminium tape is perfect for use with all SuperFOIL membranes including:
• SuperFOIL General Purpose Foil Insulation
• SuperFOIL Bubble Foil Insulation
• SuperFOIL Multifoil Breathable Insulation


Super adhesive, reflective foil tape improves the efficiency of insulation systems by forming a seal and reducing the passage of


Easy application straight from the roll saves time and effort.


SuperFOIL products are manufactured to the highest UK and EU standards and tested with the highest authorities. SuperFOIL products are LABC and BBA certified and follow ISO 9001:2008 guidelines so you can trust that you are buying the highest quality DIY insulation products on the market.