Plastic Pipe Tube Cutter – Cuts Plastic, PVC, ABS, PEX, PP, PERT, Speedfit Piping Tubing Hose 3mm – 42mm 1 5/8 inches diameter – One handed ratchet system


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  • Heavy duty pipe cutter with high quality, ultra-sharp, tempered steel blade in a die-cast aluminium body.
  • Suitable for cutting through any type of plastic pipe/tubing including PVC, ABS, PEX, PP, PERP, Speedfit and many others with diameters between 3mm and 42mm.
  • Easy to use ratchet driven mechanism with ergonomic handles can be used with one hand and gives clean, straight cuts every time.
  • Safety locking mechanism for safe and easy storage

Product Description

The Boulder Developments Plastic Pipe Cutter is an all-in-one solution for professional and DIY applications. It features a high quality, ultra-sharp tempered steel blade which cuts through any type of plastic piping/tubing/hose of upto 42mm (1 ⅝ inches) diameter including:


  • PVC
  • ABS
  • Speedfit
  • Vinyl
  • Rubber


The blade is set in an ergonomically designed die-cast aluminium chassis which is durable and easy to operate with one hand. Use your other hand to hold the pipe you are cutting and twist it towards you as you are operating the lever. The ratchet driven mechanism is simple and effective, ensuring your cuts are perfect and straight 100% of the time.


When not in use, the Boulder Developments Plastic Pipe Cutter has a neat safety latch which allows for safe and convenient storage and transportation, ready for next time. Boulder Developments are a UK based company our products adhere to the highest UK and international standards.




Ultra-sharp tempered steel blade cuts cleanly through any type of plastic piping of upto 42mm diameter.




One handed operation with an intuitive ratchet driven mechanism and an ergonomically designed chassis.




Product is part of the Boulder Developments range of products which are carefully chosen for the professional and DIY market.