Heat Recovery Ventilation Intelligent Controller with PIR Auto Activity Sensor


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Intelligent LCD controller for heat recovery ventilation units.

This controller comes with a passive infrared (PIR) sensor that automatically changes the fan speed of the unit according to the amount of movement the sensor picks up.


This controller has 3 control options:

  • Manual Control

Three speed settings that can be controlled manually (low, med, high)

  • PIR Automatic Control

Passive Infrared (PIR) control that detects movement.

Reduces the fan speed when nothing is detected, and increases it when people are detected

  • Timer Control

The timer changes the fan speed at set times of the day.

i.e set a lower speed whilst your at work, and a higher speed for when you get home.


Controller Specification

Dimensions: 86 x 86 x 40

Temp. Display Range: 0°C – 50°C

Operating Temp. : -10ºC – +50°C