DC-1T Heat Recovery Ventilation Controller with Backlit LCD Display – Fully Programmable with CO² Monitor – Includes Wireless Remote Control – Use With Heat Recovery Systems


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Product Description

  • Intelligent controller by Boulder Developments, designed for use with Boulder Heat Recovery Ventilation systems.
  • Detects CO² and room temperature, and is able to automatically control a preheater and fan motor at upto 3 speeds.
  •  Includes built-in timer and is programmable upto 7 days, allowing you to automate your system to be on when you
    need it.
  • Forms a key component in high efficiency Heat Recovery Ventilation systems which are able to create clean airflow
    for greener, healthier home environments with reduced dust, pollen and condensation.
  • Features a clear, easy to read LCD display and comes with a wireless remote for easy control of your system.


The controller is supplied with a full set of working instructions, and the chassis features a wiring diagram for easy installation. Boulder Developments is a leading international manufacturer and distributor of domestic and commercial heating system products. Our Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) systems are a highly efficient, eco-friendly way to regulate temperature create a cleaner, healthier environment in your home/premises.

Why buy Heat Recovery Ventilation?


As we all know there are a great many benefits of having adequate ventilation in your property. When inside air is sat still, it quickly starts to feel stuffy and uncomfortable beyond which isn’t something you want when trying to relax. Beyond that though there are a whole host of health benefits that can be provided by having adequate ventilation along with benefits to your property.


With new build homes, extensions & retrofits all being built to ever increasing standards, improved air tightness has never been so important. High levels of air tightness are necessary to achieve these standards as it has such a huge impact on the overall energy efficiency of a building. Think about it like this: it’s;s cold outside and you are trying to keep warm inside, do you leave the window open or close it? You close it of course because all the warmth your paying
for in your home is literally going straight out the window. Well having a poorly sealed house is the same thing except you can
close a window whenever you want to stop the leak, doing the same with your home isn’t so easy.


So we know that air tightness is important for an efficient home but there are consequences to this efficiency. Inside air tends to have a much higher humidity than fresh air and if not regularly replaced this can lead to a range of issues affecting both you and your home. The most common issue that occurs is condensation.


Technical Info:

• Rated voltage: AC220V 50Hz
• Control power: ≤200W
• Warm-up time: ≤60 seconds
• Recovery time: ≤30 seconds
• Storage temperature: -10°C – +60°C
• Storage humidity: ≤60% RH
• Terminal board: maximum 2.5 M2 wire
• Usage life: ≥10 years
• Temperature display range: 0°C – +50°C
• Standby power consumption: ≤2W
• Output: 3 speed
• Response time: ≤10 seconds
• Operating temperature: -10°C – +50°C
• Operating humidity: ≤5% – 90% RH
• Installation hole distance: 60mm
• CO² display range: 350 PPM – 3000 PPM
• Dimensions: 86x86x40mm