1kg Cork Tile Resin Based Primer Ideal For Floor / Wall Preparation


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1kg Tub of Cork Tile Primer

This tile primer is ideal for preparing floors and walls for use with our adhesive cork tiles (and our plain cork tiles when used in conjunction with a suitable adhesive). It is a synthetic resin-based primer in water dispersion with very low emission of volatile organic compounds (EMICODE EC1). For cementitious adhesives and smoothing compounds on porous and gypsum based substrates (diluted to 1:1 – 1:3 depending on the absorption of the substrate).


The substrate must be sound, dry and clean. Apply Primer on the surface using a brush or a roller and allow at least 2 hours to dry. Once the primer is fully dry you can apply the cork tiles (using a suitable adhesive, or by peeling off the paper layer if you have bought self adhesive tiles). You can ensure full adhesion by using a heavy roller several times.

1kg covers approximately 10sqm depending on the substrate.