15sqm Roll SuperFOIL SF19 Multifoil Reflective Insulation for Roofs and Walls


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SF19 Information

Consisting of 19 layers of reflective foil, with thermo foam speration layers, SF19 has radiant reflective properties, reflecting unwanted heat from solar gain in summer and enhancing insulation in winter. SF19 also has air barrier properties and can control air movement for further energy efficiencies.

In situ energy assessment indicates that multilayer foils have benefits over traditional (non reflective) insulation. SuperFOIL SF19 is easier to handle, install, cut, and seal than any other form of building insulation, and lasts over 50 years with minimal loss of performance caused by dust, drafts, pests or osmosis. SF19 now also has LABC Registered System approval which helps to streamline Building regulation applications in turn helping to save time and money!

Dimensions & Technical Information:

Length: 10m
Width: 1.5m
Coverage: 15sqm per roll
Quantity of Rolls: 1

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